Why choose Paycircle?

Paycircle is an HMRC recognised, RTI compliant payroll management solution user-friendly and collaborative payroll management solution designed for SMBs and Payroll Bureaus where accurate payroll processing is essential. Paycircle utilises true cloud technology, which means better data security, automated payroll processing, faster calculations and beautiful user interfaces. 

With Paycircle payroll software in your toolsuite, SMBs will benefit from powerful automation tools, effective collaboration, automatic updates and complete confidence in compliance.

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Paycircle Benefits

Key features of Paycircle

Paycircle makes it as simple as possible to ensure that people get paid correctly and on time, every time - whether you’re running payroll in your small business or for multiple customers as a payroll bureau.



Automated payroll processing and automated updates.



Customisable reporting for data-led insights and trends.


Advanced encryption

Advanced encryption and access controls to protect sensitive payroll data.


Full visibility

Full payroll visibility with automatic notifications and alerts.


Employee self-service

Portal to access the information they need at any time



Dedicated customer support for quick and effective guidance.


Switch anytime

Switch to Paycircle anytime of year with fully managed onboarding.



With powerful collaboration tools, payroll bureaus can get an organised approach to sharing data and managing their processes, tasks and deadlines.


Integrate with our HR software

For SMBs looking to get more joined-up data, Paycircle integrates with PeopleHR, so you get all of your HR and pay data in one place.

Proud to be trusted by the UK’s leading Bureaus and SMBs

Is Paycircle right for you?

Are you a small business looking for a straightforward and affordable cloud-based payroll system? Or are you a payroll bureau requiring more automation so you can free up time to focus on delivering a first-class service to your customers? 

Find out whether Paycircle is the best fit for your SMB or Bureau.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Microsoft Azure - chosen for its limitless scalability, regulatory compliance and focus on security whilst offering a unified delivery plan and built-in Disaster Recovery capability.

All customer databases are stored within the UK. We host some applications and services on servers in Western Europe through which encrypted data passes in a transient fashion. Backups are stored in other regions for reasons of contingency and disaster recovery.

Paycircle achieved ISO 27001 certification in May 2022. Additionally, in 2021, we completed Cyber Essentials certification - a Government-backed scheme which evidences our commitment to safeguarding sensitive and personal information.

Paycircle is registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act. Any personal data added on the system (in the playground, in test mode, or live) fall within the scope of GDPR and is governed by the DPA.

In the context of the GDPR, when you enter into an agreement with us, Paycircle is a data processor of the information that you (as Data Controller) enter and manage in the application. In the absence of a contractual agreement, such as in a trial, users of the system should only use representative or generated data. Such dummy data can be deleted from the system once its purpose has been served.

Paycircle is a Data Controller of the information we need to set you up and maintain you as a customer.

Yes, Paycircle and People HR offer an integrated HR and Payroll solution to help build a connected workplace for your SMB. Explore our HR and Payroll software solution for more information. 

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