Centralised Control of Your Workforce

People® covers all your HR admin essentials. With just a tap or a click, you can find and edit employee records, review and authorise holiday requests, track and tackle absences, and even discover useful insights about your workforce.

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Positive Performance Management

People® includes an interactive performance management system designed around techniques proven to boost staff performance. With a single click, you can set the ball rolling for staff and managers to work together without even leaving their desks – and you can follow their progress, watching league tables, peer reviews and year-on-year performance metrics spring to life before your eyes.

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Interactive Recruitment Pipeline

People® Applicant Tracking System is an easy way to manage complex recruitment drives. It lets you quickly cut through the less-suitable applicants, and categorise the ones you’re interested in hiring. You can customise all categories for complete control over how you manage your recruitment pipeline, and as with all People® features, it is included in the price.

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Powerful Reports for Getting Your Results Noticed

People® includes a set of compelling reports specially designed to capture attention and reveal hidden insights. You can use these impressive reports to highlight areas of focus for business growth, or even for demonstrating the year-on-year improvements you’re making for your company.

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Ripple™ Workflow

Ripple™ lets you automate any repetitive manual process, by building your own custom Workflows. Workflows are easy to build, and can perform hundreds of actions using any employee data set.

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