Mission Armoury

10 exciting career challenges

Earn recognition & improve your company by embarking on 10 exciting HR Missions. Each Mission tackles a key area of HR, and delivers a unique badge, a title & a fun reward at the end. Do you have what it takes to become your company’s Black Belt in Absence Reduction?

Fill your progress bar

When you launch a new Mission, a set of tasks will be added to your to-do list. Your progress bar fills with every step you complete, but act fast – each Mission must be completed within the given timeframe if you want to earn your badge, title & fun reward.

Get noticed & rewarded

Once you’ve completed a Mission, you’ll get a new badge & title added to your People profile. But that’s not all – each Mission helps you make noticeable company improvements, meaning your workplace reputation will skyrocket, too.

Complete missions, deliver results, and get your hard work rewarded

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