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Custom Questions

Vacancy and Applicant Management

Easily create new vacancies within People®, then advertise them on your own company website. You can add important job role information, and even ask unique questions to prompt meaningful applications from relevant candidates.


Bulk Actions


Recruitment Pipeline

People® adds new applicants to your recruitment pipeline automatically. From here, you accept or reject candidates, add them to your talent pool, or sort them into fully-customisable categories you've created yourself. You can even send out letters and emails. And for every applicant you accept, you can go straight to the New Starter wizard to add them to People®.

Publish to Social Media Sites & Online Job Boards

You can accept online applications from your own website, or simply use the unique direct link to post vacancies directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any online Job Board. Applicants can follow any of these listings to send you their applications, and to upload their CVs and covering letters.

Talent Pool

The People® Talent Pool lets you store the details of candidates you were impressed by, but didn't hire. This saves you money on future recruitment drives by giving you an instant talent pool you can access without having to contact recruitment agencies or re-advertise your vacancies.

Get Key Metrics on your Recruitment Process

For those moments when you really need to know something specific (like how many applicants came from a particular source), you’ll enjoy a flexible Query tool that helps you answer any question involving recruitment statistics, with no I.T. skills necessary.

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