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Managing remote disputes

Even with a totally remote workforce, HR professionals still have to spend time resolving conflict and managing disputes between employees.

May 27, 2020
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Employee concerns with the return to work

Returning to work after time away can be unsettling. Especially after a global lockdown. Here are some employee concerns with the return to work.

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Five ways our working life may change forever

It is clear that the working world will not immediately return to normal post-lockdown. Workplace norms like hot desking and face-to-face meetings are likely to make employees feel anxious. So how can we help employees to embrace the new normal?

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What’s the point of a pulse survey?

A pulse survey is a quick way to capture feedback from your employees. Unlike the more traditional annual survey, a pulse survey is short, and focuses on a specific issue or question.

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Will the furlough scheme trigger constructive dismissals?

Furloughing is complicated. Employers who get it right temporarily slash salary costs while retaining a workforce. But those who get it wrong, lay themselves open to claims of constructive dismissal, or even discrimination, and loss of wages.

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How to hire a bad boss

If you want to hire the worst manager for your team, then look no further - this article will teach you how to hire a really bad boss, in 7 simple steps.

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What is ‘furlough leave’?

The UK government promised to pay up to 80% of wages for employees who could not work due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This is also known as ‘furlough leave’.

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