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Ways to reduce HR software misuse

You might not worry that employees are going to deliberately abuse your HR software, but mistakes do happen. So here’s how you can help prevent HR system misuse.

November 25, 2020
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Making the boardroom case for mental health at work

Jonny Jacobs is an award-winning finance professional who feels passionately about the role of mental fitness in the workplace. In this post he talks about how to make a case for mental health at work in the boardroom.

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How home office lighting affects productivity

Have you ever considered what an employee's home office lighting rig might be doing - or not doing - for their productivity?

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HR’s continued role in mental health and wellbeing

The state of mental health and wellbeing seems to have taken a plunge over the last six months, and the experts had a lot to say about this at Mad World 2020.

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The state of office romances (2020 Study)

This survey of 1,000 employees looks at the picture of office romances - who dates whom, what happens when peers find out, and how serious office flings get!

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Why a good performance management system matters

Improving your performance management system can help keep your business running efficiently. Here’s some factors to keep in mind when reviewing your own.

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Are exit interviews worth the effort?

Exit interviews can help improve your organisation, reduce staff turnover and increase productivity. But not all companies conduct them effectively.

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