Current Issues in Human Resources 2013

August 29, 2013


There always something going on at work, isn’t there?

If you’re not calling through the list of employees Missing In Action to find out where they are, you’re battling your way through the next round of employee contract updates. And if you’re not doing that, you’re juggling disciplinary and grievance procedures… and if you’re not doing any of those, then you’re probably not working in HR!

Seriously though, we know it’s not always like this. But it can be. And that’s why we’ve published the above infographic, showing you exactly what the most pressing human resource management issues in the UK are right now, and how heavy a part they play.

Issue 1: Conduct. Of all the current issues in human resources, employee conduct is the most pressing, with a massive 24% share.

Solution 1: Culture Building. One of the most effective ways of resolving poor workplace conduct is by building a healthy workplace culture amongst your employees. One of the Missions within People’s HR admin system actually takes you through the steps you need to help do this, so if you use People, head over to the Missions bar across the top of your dashboard and sign up for ‘Creating Culture’ – we’ll tell you where to go from there.

Issue 2: Absence/Sickness. Of all the human resource management issues, the close second is absence and sickness, taking up 21% of the total.

Solution 2: Effective Tracking & Alerts. If you have a process in place to track and absence, then alert management to issues, you’ll be better enabled to target the absences that are impacting your organisation the most. Within People, the Bradford Factor is built in – you can learn more about what the Bradford Factor is and does here

Of course, aside from these 2 top issues, the infographic above shows a number of other human resources issues that are affecting UK workplaces right now. But if you tackle them from the top down, you’ll be on your way to the perfect workforce in no time.

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