4 Essential Tips for anyone considering going to the CIPD HR Software Show 2016 at London Olympia

January 5, 2014

HR Software Show 2014 at London Olympia

What’s it all about

The HR software show is focused mainly on technology solutions within HR. It used to be one of many exhibitions around the country the you could attend to see a whole range of suppliers under one roof.

Tip 1: Cost of Attending the Show

Although the HR software show is free for attendees it still costs to travel and eat. It’s notorious for charging sky high prices for even something as simple as a bottle of water. If you intend to be spending a few hours at the show, go fully prepared with refreshments and very comfortable footwear!

Tip 2: Getting Pricing Before The  Exhibition 

Visit the exhibitors websites before you go and an indicative cost – if they are reluctant to give prices mention that you are going to the expo and want to make sure you come and visit them however you need estimate costs to do so.

The exhibitors will be  looking for prospects who have a substantial budget make sure you know prices before you go.

Tip 3: Do your Research Before You Go

There was a time when HR expo’s had every type of supplier under one roof. That’s changed significantly over the last 3 year and now only a small selection of providers attend these shows.

Visit every exhibitors website before you go, watch the product videos, check out prices.

Tip 4: Alternative: Make them come to you

If you find during your research in tip 3 above, that there are only 5 or so companies that you need to see – it’s much better for you to organise an internal day where you get these companies to come into you and give you a 1 hour presentation.

It may be a long day but it won’t be as long as spending an hour at each stand , in a public environment trying to discuss your HR needs.


Be realistic you’ll probably only be able to get around 3-4 vendors, each supplier will want to talk to you for at least 45 minutes – remember they’ve paid £10,000-£100,000 to attend the expo – they will want to make the most of it.

I hope you’ve found the tips above useful – good luck in your search for your ideal HR system.

Here’s a link to the CIPD website for your free tickets – pre-order them before you go for fast-track entry: http://www.cipd.co.uk/events/hr-software-show


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