How to Convert Low Morale Into Productivity

February 3, 2015

How to Convert Low Morale Into Productivity

What do you do when something goes wrong in the office? Do you tell your people to pack up and go home? Probably not; but you’ve probably felt like doing that before – after all, when things go wrong, morale goes down the drain.

But there’s a lot you can do to re-motivate your people and convert low morale into powerful productivity. Here are a few ideas:

1. Do Something Together
When things in the office are getting a little bit too much, it can be really helpful to just get away – even if only for a few minutes – as a team.

Do something non-work related; do something fun. So what if someone on your team has just dropped the printer onto somebody else’s foot, meaning you have one angry person with a sore foot, and four more angry people who can’t use the printer? It’s nothing a group lunch can’t solve – everybody can see the funny side of something over a morale-boosting BLT!

2. Say Thanks for the Little Things
So the day might be a total disaster, but I bet you’ll be able to find at least three small things that have been at least a little bit positive. Sure, maybe that important deadline got missed; and maybe those important documents got blown out of an open window by a freak gust of wind. But what about that delicious coffee your colleague brought you 10 minutes before?

Try writing down one positive thing each of your team members has done today, and then send them a little thank you note. Focusing on the positives will help remind people that the day isn’t quite as bad as they think; and being noticed and appreciated will help them to bounce back and dive into the action again.

With People’s HR system, you can even send Thank You badges to your team to reward their hard work.

3. Re-Decorate The Office
Alright, I don’t mean you should go for the paintbrush the moment that important email is deleted. But one thing you can do – even before anything has gone wrong – is make sure your office environment is a positive place to work.

Put positive motivational pictures or posters on the walls; let employees decorate their desks with items that are dear to them; you can even let employees draw on the walls (but only if your landlord is OK with that). Whatever you do, the thing to remember is that having a positive working environment will help your people bounce back and become productive much faster when something goes wrong.

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