How to Build a Mobile Workforce Culture

February 9, 2015

How to Build a Mobile Workforce Culture

As a remote worker myself, I know first-hand both the pains and pleasures of living in an age of flexible working. True, jobs still exist where employees turn up at 9am, clock out at 5pm and spend the hours in between at the same desk and the same computer. But as we progress further into a digital era, you will notice that more and more businesses are hiring remote workers – home workers – who might never step foot into the main office except for at the New Year Party.

Building culture for a workplace that eats, drinks and breathes every working hour together is pretty straightforward. But how do you do that when your employees are all working alone from different locations? The answer, according to many experts, is Reward and Recognition.

Reward and Recognition

Put simply, this means you give credit where credit is due.

Praising and rewarding work that falls in-line with your company’s values is actually a far more effective culture-building technique than sticking motivational bullet points onto cubicle walls. You see, your business mission and the values you respect as an organisation are what dictate your workforce culture; so when you give praise to employees who are meeting these visions and goals, you are encouraging repeat behaviours (and your employees will feel great, too – everybody loves a reward).

Here are a few points to help you reward your remote workers the right way:

  • Reward Generously. Although this implies you should be spending huge sums of money, that isn’t what I mean. I simply mean you should be giving out the kind of rewards that your people will appreciate – and sure, sometimes that might be tokens that hold a certain monetary value, but it can also be something as small as picking up the phone to say thanks.
  • Reward Sincerely. You shouldn’t be rewarding your remote workers just because this articles says you should. You should be doing it because they deserve it. Your people will pick up on what is sincere and what is not, so make sure the rewards you give are genuine and meaningful.
  • Reward Appropriately. You don’t want to go handing out lollipops every time an employee replies to an email; but when you notice an employee doing something that is a conscious effort to meet one of the values your company holds, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a call and saying “hey, I noticed that – thanks”

Something Even More Important Than Rewards

But by far the most important part about creating a culture amongst remote workers, is inclusion. Include your remote workers by staying in touch with them – make sure they remember they are part of your team and not just spare parts stuck away from the action.

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