Three Things Your New Starters are Desperate to Know

February 19, 2015

Three Things Your New Starters are Desperate to KnowDo you remember your first ever job? I do – it felt intimidating and scary, and this feeling lasted at least two or three weeks.

The more jobs I worked, the less I found this nasty feeling creeping in. But it always came in some form or another, and I eventually worked out exactly what made it go away: Finding the answer to these Three Key Questions.

So if you want to give your New Starters a huge boost on their first day, then it might help to address these three questions – your new starters might not ask them outright, so you’ll have to be proactive about it; but they’ll definitely want the answers.

What Do I Do?

Please don’t get me wrong here… I’m not suggesting you hire people who have no idea what kind of job they’re supposed to be doing. Hey, if you’re hiring supermarket staff and the job title says ‘Shelf Stacker’, then the person you’ve hired will already know they’ll be stacking shelves.

But do they know what order you like your shelves stacked? Or which colour price labels go on which products? Do they know about stock rotation, safe handling of items and how to deal with customer enquiries?

You might have hired the fastest, most efficient shelf-stacker known to the history of mankind – but unless he or she knows specifically how things work within your company, he or she is unlikely to go full steam ahead.

So remember to take time explaining to your new starters exactly what is expected of them. And if certain parts of their job role require additional training, reassure them when and how this will take place.

Who Are All These People?

One of the most important parts of settling into a new job is the social side of it – getting to know your colleagues, making new friends and learning where you can turn to for support or advice.

On top of this, you need to work out who’s in charge of who, who to take orders from (and who not to take orders from), and who to speak to when your paycheque doesn’t show.

If you spend a little (or even a lot of!) time introducing your new starters to everybody who they will come into regular contact with during their time at your company, you will find that they settle in and start performing far faster than if they had to find all of this out on their own.

Where Is Everything?

Even if you know what you need to do during the day, and you know who you’re reporting to at the end of the day, there’s still one problem left – finding your way around.

It might seem a bit silly, but it can be a huge issue for new starters.

I remember spending an entire hour of my first shift at an old job just looking for the bathroom – I thought it would be obvious, and so I just headed off to find it; but by the time I’d admitted that I was well and truly lost, it seemed far too embarrassing to go all the way back and ask for help – so I just kept wandering until I found it.

Spending an hour looking for the bathroom does not look good on your first day… and it’s terrible for your company, as that is a full hour that could have been spent doing something more productive.

So it really does make sense to give your new starters a quick tour of the places they’ll be working – a stitch in time really does save nine!

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