How to Encourage More Feedback at Work

April 14, 2015

How to Encourage More Feedback at Work

Feedback is a very important part of improving performance. But as we all know, not every manager manages to have a weekly sit-down with each team member to provide constructive feedback and discuss performance.

So how do we go about encouraging more feedback throughout the workforce? According to Upstart HR, there are plenty of great ways to do this – and although we like all of their suggestions, it was one in particular that stood out to us: Reward the individuals who provide high-quality feedback on a regular basis.

Do You Reward Your Managers for Providing Feedback?

Upstart HR makes a really good point here – after all, it is so easy to reward the person receiving the feedback, we sometimes forget to reward the person giving the feedback. The ability to consistently sit down with team members and provide helpful feedback is a real skill, and we should encourage this kind of leadership.

There are plenty of ways you can reward your managers for providing regular high-quality feedback. It could be as simple as identifying the manager who’s done the most each week and saying ‘Thanks’… or you could go as far as implementing a formal reward structure with clear guidelines and specific rewards (e.g. cash bonuses, extra holiday days, etc.)

Of course, you should be careful to ensure that any formal reward structure you implement encourages high-quality feedback more than it encourages regular feedback – if you’re not careful, you could have a case of meaningless performance forms being dished out left, right and centre!

How do you encourage your managers to give regular high-quality feedback to their team members? Let us know in the comments below.

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