Why Productivity in the UK is 20% Below Average

June 9, 2015

Why Productivity in the UK is 20% Below Average

We all know that the more productive our people are, the more profitable our business is. So it pained me to read a recent article published by smallbusiness.co.uk, stating that the productivity of workers in the United Kingdom is around 20% lower than the average of other countries within the G7. But why is this?

According to the article, there is one vital strategy that business owners should really take on-board if they want to increase productivity (and we agree): Employee engagement.

How to Engage Your Employees

So how do you engage your staff?

Well that’s a bit of a broad question – so much so in fact, that there are people whose entire careers are dedicated to answering it! But without getting too deep into the different theories surrounding employee engagement, here are a three really simple things you can implement right now to really start engaging your staff and boosting workplace productivity:

1. Ask For Feedback

People are more engaged when they feel like they are a key part of something – but when they feel as if their actions are being dictated, then engagement is very unlikely.

So the first thing you should be doing, is asking your staff for their input.

For example, input on how to tackle your company’s next big project; or input on the existing rota system; or input on the office decorations – the key here is involving your staff in any decision that may impact their time at work.

2. Listen!

Asking for input is great, but it needs to be an interactive experience – i.e. more than just a dusty suggestion box that never gets opened.

You don’t have to take suggestions on-board. But if you show that you’re listening to the opinions of your people, you are showing that you value their skills and expertise – and you never know, it might create your company’s next ‘big thing’.

3. Say Thanks

This is one of the most effective engagement tools ever, and it is available to all businesses no matter what their size, location or budget.

The key here is that if you notice something good, you should thank the person responsible – but be careful not to hand your thanks out willy-nilly, as insincere gratitude can have the opposite effect!

What do YOU Do to Engage Your Employees?

Do you have any unique ways of engaging your employees that have had really positive effects? Share them with the community by writing a comment.

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