5 ‘Super Powers’ Your HR System Should Have

June 16, 2015

5 ‘Super Powers’ Your HR System Should Have

Imagine if your HR system was a superhero. What super powers would it have?

Alright, so your HR system is probably never going to jump out of your computer, put on a cape and then fly across the country to save a kitten from a burning building. And if it does ever do that, you should call us straight away!

But there are still a few ‘super powers’ that your HR system could (and should) have. So what does HR software do that’s so super? Here are a few things that spring to mind:

1. HR Software can Predict the Future

Yes, modern HR software can actually help you to predict the future.

As well as telling you who’s working and when (I’m looking at you, Holiday Planner!), the best HR software will also show you your company’s busiest days to help you make smarter decisions when authorising holidays.

Sure, your company might have general rules in place whereby you only allow X amount of people away on any given day… but if you already know that Thursdays are pretty quiet, what’s the harm in authorising an extra holiday for that day? Plus, if you know in advance that certain days are going to be chaotic, you could even lock down specific days to ensure a full house on those days.

People™ actually shows you heat maps to help you understand your company’s busiest days, and even lets you lock specific dates against holiday requests altogether to help you ensure a full house when you need it the most.

2. HR Software can ‘Save Your Day’

5 people have called in sick.

4 people are on holiday all week.

3 people are away on training.

2 people are AWOL.

…and to top things off, there’s a partridge in a pear tree, and tomorrow is going to be your busiest day of the year.

Sorry for the out-of-season comment there, but what I’m trying to say, is that sometimes you find yourself in sticky situations and need a fast solution. So what do you do?

Sure, you could look up the telephone numbers of everybody who isn’t working tomorrow and spend all morning calling them up. But wouldn’t it be easier to just send a quick newsflash to your entire workforce, promising free pizza and coffee to anybody willing to do an extra shift at the last minute?

The best modern HR software will let you broadcast news and notifications to your staff within seconds – and it could really save your day.

3. HR Software can Create Self-Sufficiency

Have you ever noticed that people within your company seem to rely on you for almost everything?

HR professionals might be super heroes… but wouldn’t it be better if people were empowered to control their own information sometimes?

HR software can actually help your staff become self-sufficient – in fact, simply having self-service functionality usually allows your staff to edit their own personal data like contact information, submit instant holiday requests, and take more control over the things they would normally look to you to help them with.

4. HR Software can Boost Morale

Super heroes make everybody happier. And so does HR software!

Great HR software will be packed with employee engagement tools that are designed to boost morale, happiness and productivity throughout your staff. It can also make the on-boarding process smoother, and can have a big impact on your company culture.

5. HR Software can Manage Your Tasks

What would we call a super hero who helped you organise your days better. Diary Girl? Planner Boy? Hmm. Maybe I’d best give those names some thought.

But modern HR software will normally come with super-efficient productivity tools for planning your daily, weekly and monthly tasks, and will often send you alerts to stop you missing something important.

It might not be mind-blowing, but in terms of career impact, it can be the difference between success and failure – and I’d take this modest little super hero over Wonder Woman any day of the week.

What Super Powers Would You Like?

If you were a super hero (wait, you work in HR – you are!) what super powers would you want? Let us know in the comments below.



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