People™ Product Tip: How to Design You Own Unique Recognition Badges

July 13, 2015

People™ Product Tip: How to Design You Own Unique Recognition Badges

One of the most effective employee engagement techniques is to make sure your people get thanked when they do something extra special.

Within People™, you can give all of your employees a fun way to motivate each other and say thanks whenever it’s needed, by enabling the Thanks functionality. It’s super simple to use, and lets all of your employees award their colleagues with stylish badges that they can decorate their employee records with. Plus, you can even design your very own Thanks badges, complete with your own graphics, descriptions and core values.

Ready to get creative? Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Settings (left-hand side)
2. Within Thanks, hit ‘Yes’ to activate (unless you’ve already done that bit)

Ok, so Thanks is now activated – and you’re ready to get creative. There are two ways to design a badge:

1. Edit Existing Template.
To do this, simply go into any of the existing badges that come pre-loaded with your People™ system. You can now edit any aspect of the badge – change the image, the description, the title, the skills the badge represents, etc. This is perfect if you like the design of the templates but have a few details you’d like to change.

2. Create New Badge.
If you know exactly what kind of badge you want to create, then this is the best option – simply hit the ‘+’ at the top of the screen, and follow the simple instructions to build your own badge of recognition.

And remember: staff will be able to award their colleagues any of the badges you’ve created, as well as comment on badges that other people have awarded – so if you want to keep engagement levels high and Thanks badges fresh, why not release a fresh set of badges at the end of every year to give your employees something to get excited about? You’ll even be able to track each year’s statistics – such as discovering the most popular badge over the latest 12 months.

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