How a Video Could Make Your Job Vacancy Stand Out – Tuesday’s Discovery Workshop

September 22, 2015

How a Video Could Make Your Job Vacancy Stand Out

How many different techniques have you used to try and make a job vacancy really stand out to potential applicants?

Today, we’re taking a quick look at a popular (but largely un-exploited) method that many employers swear by: Video Adverts. Remember to leave your own thoughts and experiences in the comments box at the bottom of this article!

How Does a Video Advert Help You Attract Top Talent?

Everybody knows the standard formula of a vacancy advert – a written description, posted to as many job sites as possible, including a list of responsibilities, desired skills, and usually a short bit of company blurb and an idea of the offered salary.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this formula, but is it really enough?

Adding a video to your job adverts can really help you to create a personal connection with potential employees, and could help your company stand out against the thousands of other employers trying to win the top talent in town.

So what should you include, and how can it help? It’s really up to you – but here are three ideas to get you started. Please leave your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom.

1. A Message from Your Senior Team. Many CEOs and MDs would love to meet each potential candidate in person, but the fact is, there is simply not enough time. But what’s stopping you from recording a short welcome and introduction just once, which you can then share with potential applicants as many times as you like? It gives job seekers the chance to ‘meet’ your senior management team, and helps them to form their first impressions of your company’s structure and personality.

2. A Virtual Tour of the Company or Job Role. If you really want to help candidates explore what a job with your company might be like, why not give them a video tour? This could be either a tour of your company in general, or even more specifically, a tour of the department they will be joining – either way, it offers ‘behind the scenes footage’ of your company’s culture, and usually tells a much more compelling story than a paragraph of text.

3. Testimonials from Existing Employees. What most candidates want to know is if they’ll enjoy working for your company. Who better to tell that story than the real people who already work for you? Be careful not to sound scripted or insincere – you might want to simply give employees a few short prompts, and then let them freestyle their testimonials for a more authentic experience.

How to Embed a Video Into a Job Application

If you use People’s HR software, you can actually create videos and embed them directly into your live vacancies.

Why not watch this quick video and find out how easy it is to do?

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