What Do Those Colours Mean?

November 17, 2015

What Do Those Colours Mean?

Within your planner, you’ll notice that there’s a colour-coding system for helping you with absence tracking and holiday planning.

But what do those colours actually mean?

People Planner Colour Codes Explained

The colours you see are actually telling you the percentage of employees who are off on any given day.

White: Full house! There are no absences recorded for this date.

Blue: More than 1% of employees are off work on this date.

Green: More than 3% of employees are off work on this date.

Yellow: More than 5% of employees are off work on this date.

Red: More than 10% of employees are off work on this date.

Why Does This Matter?

Most people are happy enough getting a quick glance indication at how good (or bad) attendance is on any given date – and that’s why we put a colour system in place. But what good is a colour-coded system if you don’t know what it represents?

So we thought you might want to know a little bit more about how we work out the colours, instead of just following blindly.

For more help using the planner or to see a video of it in action, visit this page on our support site.

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