People Feature Release: Arrives 27th June 2016

June 24, 2016
People Summer Release

Are you ready for a massive injection of updates, enhancements and brand new features? Our next release will be hitting your HR system on the 27th June 2016, and there’s lots to get your teeth stuck into!

Keep reading to find out what we’re adding and what’s being improved:

Instantly View Documents on Any Device – Including Mobile!

You told us that being able to view documents from your mobile device was important. We listened, and we’ve taken action – once the June release goes live on the 27th, you’ll be able to view documents with a single tap from a mobile device!
Mobile Documents

What’s more, the ability to instantly view documents is now available across all devices, meaning you no longer have to download them. This makes viewing documents easier, and less data-intensive.

Huge Flexibility Boost with “Other Events”

We’re replacing the “Other Leave” option with a brand new feature called “Other Events”. The idea behind this is to give you more flexibility, and better visibility of where your employees are, and what they are doing, within any given timeframe on any given day.

Here are some of the key changes you’ll notice once “Other Leave” becomes “Other Events”:

– Book multiple “Other Events” on the same day. Dentist at 10am. Client lunch at 1pm. Team meeting at 4pm. Sorted.

Other Event

– Customise different events with unique icons. Get a visual snapshot of who is where and when. You can use our pre-designed selection of icons.

Multiple Events on the same day
– Define entitlement values for each event. Assign both positive and negative entitlement values for each event. No more messing around with manual calculations!

Custom Values for Other Events

– Integrate “Other Events” with your other systems. We’ve added this new feature to our API, meaning you’ll be able to start tinkering with integrations as soon as the release goes live.

Enhanced Reporting for Deeper Insights

As well as making the Query Builder much nicer to navigate, we’ve also added a load of new functionality which we think you’re going to love!

For a start, you can now filter results by anniversary date. We’ve added both “Before Anniversary” and “After Anniversary” options, which opens up lots of new combinations for you to report on – and it’s something a lot of customers have been asking for.

Enhanced Navigation

Secondly, we’ve tweaked the Query Builder to let you group your results by location or department. This is great for comparing performance and statistics between different branches and teams, or for providing department leaders with results most relevant to them.

Easy Query Cloning

Finally, we’ve added a “Save As” option to your query results so that you can easily clone a query to create a variation, or so that you can easily run it again in the future without building again from scratch.

Plus LOADS More Enhancements…

There’s a lot more being added. Here are the other main changes you’ll notice from June 27th:

– Me Tab. When logging in as an admin, your own record will now appear in the list of employees. You’re a big part of your workforce – it’s time the system reflected that!

– CC Additional Line Manager. When the main manager approves a holiday request, any additional line managers will now be notified that the holiday has been approved. No more confusion and attempted double-approvals!

– Optional Bradford Factor Display. If you don’t use Bradford Factor scoring, you can now choose hide it to tidy up the employee screen.

– Clone Existing Work Patterns. You can now copy an existing work pattern and then make edits as you see fit, making it easier to build slightly different work patterns without having to start from scratch.

– Starter Wizard Salary Frequency. We’ve added the option to select a salary frequency on the New Starter Wizard.

– Extend Maximum Sickness Duration. You could previously only set a period of sickness to a maximum of 68 days. We’ve extended this now to let you add sickness periods spanning as long as 365 days.

– Training Module API. We’ve finished building the Training Module part of our API, meaning you can now integrate this with your external systems to make your operations even more efficient.

– Open Office File Formats. People® will now accept documents that are uploaded in an Open Office format, such as .odt, .ods and .odb.

We hope you’re as excited about this release as we are – if you have something to say, just share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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