Autumn Release 2016 – Sneak Preview Part 4 of 6, FTE Calculator

September 14, 2016
Autumn Release 2016 – Sneak Preview Part 4 of 6, FTE Calculator

Welcome to Part Four of our Autumn Release 2016 Sneak Preview Series. Today, we’re introducing a brand new feature called the FTE Calculator.

What Is “FTE”?

FTE stands for “Full Time Equivalent”. If you have part-time workers in your organisation, then their Full Time Equivalent salary is, quite simply, the salary you would be paying them if they were working for you full-time.

FTE Calculator Explained

The FTE Calculator is a brand new feature we’re introducing to your HR system, which will let you quickly and easily calculate any part-time worker’s Full Time Equivalent salary.

FTE Calculator

This will be a really useful tool in many situations. For example, if you’re considering making one of your part-time employees a full-time employee, you’ll be able to use the FTE calculator to instantly find out what their salary would be. No manual calculations, and no confusion.

FTE Calculator 2

What’s more, you’ll be able to use any part-time employee’s Full Time Equivalent whenever you generate a report in your Query Builder. This is really helpful for making like-for-like comparisons between people on your payroll, even if they work very different hours.

FTE Calculator 3

Next Preview: ATS Part 2

Big changes are coming to your Applicant Tracking System. Tune in tomorrow for the second part of our ATS preview, or catch up on the previous feature release about the Organisation Chart.

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