Five signs your HR software provider is hiding something

November 23, 2016
Five signs your HR software provider is hiding something

Are you comparing HR systems? Searching for HR software is exciting, but it can be a difficult road to navigate. With so many websites telling you so many different things, it can be hard to separate fantasy from reality.

Here are five things you should look out for before you even think about picking up the phone or filling out a form. You can check each of these by simply going through a provider’s website.

Don’t get caught short!

1. Can you see large, clear screenshots of the software?

If the website does not show you lots of clear pictures or videos of the software in action, then they might not be confident about how their system looks or feels.

Looks aren’t everything, but you don’t want to find yourself landed with a system that hurts your eyes and is impossible to navigate.

2. Can you take a free trial before you speak to a sales person?

HR software providers with nothing to hide will be more than happy to let you play around with their system. If they won’t let you take a free trial before you speak to a sales person (or if they won’t let you take one full stop), then they might be trying to gloss over some of the uglier details.

Live demos with helpful representatives are great. But HR software companies shouldn’t need to rely on pushy salespeople to close deals – the software should sell itself.

3. Is the software responsively designed for smartphones and tablets?

A lot of cloud HR systems claim their software “works on mobile”. But be careful with this – any browser-based software will “work” on a mobile device. This doesn’t mean it will be a positive experience! It probably means you’ll get the desktop version of their software, which will require lots of pinching, pulling and scrolling to navigate.

What you should be looking for is “responsive design”. This gives you a smooth experience tailored for mobile. You might see it phrased as “optimised for mobile”.

If you value a smooth experience across multiple devices, then look for phrases like “responsive design” and “optimised for mobile”. Avoid phrases like “works on mobile”.

4. Can you see how much it costs?

If a company won’t publish its prices, then it might be trying to hide something.

It doesn’t mean they are necessarily the most expensive on the market – they might have great prices! But most companies know that price is a big factor for customers, and they might be using it as bait to hook you into a pushy sales situation.

5. Will you be forced into a long-term contract?

If you’re sure about a system, then you’ll probably get better rates for locking yourself in long-term. But if you want the flexibility to leave any time, look for a company offering a rolling monthly contract.

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