How MEMS built a more inclusive workforce with HR software

November 28, 2016
How MEMS built a more inclusive workforce with HR software

MEMS Power Generation are a specialist power solutions provider. Operating 24/7, they employ 91 people to supply disaster recovery solutions for their diverse range of customers, from small businesses to blue chip multinational organisations and utility companies. Trading since 1978, the company has a fleet of more than 500 generators. Their 35+ years’ experience positions them as the supplier of choice in the UK power rental market.

Our outdated software system was forcing us to use spreadsheets and paper files

Although MEMS had an HR system in place, it was only really used for booking holidays. For anything else, they found themselves using a mixture of spreadsheets and paper forms, which was causing an administrative headache for all staff.

We were struggling to quantify the level of paperwork involved” says Sharon Hemingway, HR manager. “Our outdated software package offered no added value to the business.

As well as losing time to manual administration, Sharon says that another struggle was managing a mobile workforce. 65% of MEMS’ workforce is field-based, meaning it was very difficult to gather, centralise and access accurate employee data across the full workforce.

We opted for a real-time interactive solution that would engage our entire workforce

MEMS decided to tackle the problem head-on, and look for a solution which let them centralise all employee information effectively. They decided to choose a modern, mobile HR software solution, as it would help them engage and interact with their mobile workforce.

Finding the right solution was tricky, as they needed to make sure that their new solution took good care of their complex rotas and shift patterns. After speaking with the developers at People®, their questions were answered, and they began implementation and training on their brand new system.

Less paper, more information, and we are involving our field-based employees through mobile access

Since implementing People®, Sharon says the results have been great.

Our field-based employees are now actively included in the software” she says. “It is interactive, and works for the whole company”.

Other benefits MEMS gained by switching to People® included:

-Better statistical information to help HR be more people-focused
-Less paper and more productivity
-Competency and compliance information which helps audits, reporting and payroll

We are very pleased to have been a part of MEMS’ success story. To learn more about MEMS Power Generation, you can visit their website here.

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