Break international HR barriers with the People® Autumn 2017 release

September 4, 2017

Break international HR barriers with the People® Autumn 2017 releaseSeptember is upon us, and we’re firing up the engines for our next feature launch. Our next release is designed especially to help you break the international barriers that can make it really tough to manage a global workforce.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing more details of the features that we’ll add to your system this Autumn. But for now, I want to talk to you about why this release is so important.

Your HR software should not be causing international bottlenecks

Very few HR software providers give you true international flexibility. For this reason, many companies find that HR bottlenecks occur – either because the software is not built to handle international policies and procedures, or because key HR administration is being funnelled through one particular office in one particular country.

Bottlenecks throttle growth and hold you back. And since launching our product in 2013, we have always said that we want to help you be more ambitious and grow your organisation.

Our Autumn 2017 release will help you delegate location-based system administrators to remove international bottlenecks.

The implications of Brexit are still uncertain

Nobody is sure exactly what Brexit might mean for employment law. We’re at a stage where we can plan for the short term, and guess a lot about the medium term. But we’re still in legislative limbo when it comes to the long term impact of European legislation.

For this reason, your international HR processes need to be smooth, transparent, and most of all flexible. And this doesn’t just apply to changing European law – it is relevant for any country you operate in. If you need to adapt something in one country – without affecting the other – then your HR software shouldn’t hold you back.

Our Autumn 2017 release will help you customise rules and processes for individual locations.

Good communication extends beyond conversations

Many people think that good communication is all about talking to each other. But in actual fact, it also covers how well your employees understand the systems they’re using to get their work done. And if employees are spending too much time and energy trying to understand foreign, or poorly-translated systems, then international communication will take a big hit.

As you know, we already made a small step to supporting international communication by implementing Google Translate within People HR. But machine translations have many restrictions – you can’t beat real, human translations that are localised for the people who will be using them.

This sentiment was echoed during a recent conversation we had with one of our international customers, – an award-winning household appliance retailer, who made 4th place on the Sunday Times top 100 Companies to Work For in 2014. As an international employer, explained how important it was to have a uniform system across their international workforce, instead of buying different software to suit different countries. But implementing a uniform system is nearly impossible when your international teams don’t understand it.

Just like many of our customers, has a large presence in Germany. And so, as part of our upcoming release, we worked for three weeks straight with a team of German translators, to provide customers with a natural, localised translation of all system text into German. Our translation team were quick to explain that they were not going to approach this as a simple word-for-word translation – rather, they wanted to look at the whole context, and ensure our system would be fully understood by native German speaking users.

We’ve also started translating from UK English to US English – and once our Autumn 2017 release is complete, we will be working hard with even more human translators to translate and localise People HR into even more international languages.

Our world is now more connected than we’ve ever been

As you know, the Internet has made so many things possible in recent decades. And right now, we are more connected with our international neighbours than we ever were.

You no longer need to pay a fortune to expand your workforce into foreign territory. You no longer need to be in the same room to collaborate. And with our Autumn release, you’ll no longer need to let restrictive HR systems get in the way of local, continental, or international people management.

Watch this space over the coming weeks – we’ll be revealing even more detail about how each change we’re making supports your international growth.

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