How our customers made impact with People® in 2017

December 19, 2017

How our customers made impact with People® in 2017

Last year, we said that People HR will never sit still. And 2017 has been a great year! So, with the New Year upon us, we thought it would be nice to talk to some of our customers, to find out about their journey with People HR so far.

We’re delighted to see the results our customers are achieving, and the impact they’re making. Thanks for a great year, and here’s to an even bigger year in 2018!

Keeping the finger on the pulse with Pulse

For Fan Rong, Finance Manager at Drilltech, it was the ability to send out quick-fire Pulse surveys that made the biggest difference in 2017.

Pulse is a great function” she says. “I use Pulse for quick surveys, like options for the Christmas party, feedback on recent training, and gift exchange programs. It’s so easy to create questions, and is an interesting way to communicate within a group.

Pulse cuts through the red tape of large-scale annual surveys, by letting you test the temperature of your workforce, using specific, targeted questions, in real-time.

Watch the video above to hear our Managing Director talk about why we introduced Pulse, and how you can use it to make impact. And keep an eye on, to be the first to know what’s new for the People HR mobile app in 2018.

Holiday approval workflows to improve downtime planning

For Monique Fenner, People & Culture Team Leader at Transmax, it was the ability to set dual authorisations for holiday requests that made the most impact in 2017.

Our work is project based” she explains. “As such, it requires multiple people to be involved in employee workloads, work assignments, and holiday leave. Allowing both the direct line manager and the projects team to approve leave, means both teams can plan for employee downtime correctly. This has improved our project estimations and scheduling.

In the video above, our Product Manager talks about the different ways customers can use holiday approval workflows to improve the way their organisation works.

Local autonomy and global standards with regional administrators

For Pauline Bouteiller, Head of HR at Jumia, it was the ability to assign regional administrators, giving autonomy across 20 different countries, while retaining global company standards.

Our company spans across 20 countries in Africa” she says. “Assigning regional administrators ensures our HR managers are relevant locally, and that they can manage their own processes autonomously, while respecting company standards.

Pauline says they have made significant gains in ownership and automation, by delegating HR administration at a regional level. Previously, it had been the responsibility of one person to manage the whole process on behalf of others.

This video explains why we introduced the ability to assign regional administrators, and features our Product Manager Rani, and our UAT Specialist Gareth.

Engaging a multi-lingual workforce with Language Packs

For Julia Dabasiya, HR Assistant at Warmup, it was the ability to increase employee engagement with their HR system, across a multi-lingual workforce.

“The new language packs have been very beneficial for our Germany-based employees” she explains. “English is not their first language, but the ability to change the language to German means they now really understand People HR, and can use all the functions, like ‘Thanks’”.

As of publishing this post, we have translated the system into the following language:

  • US-English
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • German

We will be continuing our translation work throughout 2018. Many other translations are already underway, and we will be releasing each new language pack as soon as it is ready.

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