People® ranked in top 3 HR software of 2018

March 7, 2018

People® ranked in top 3 HR software of 2018

When it comes to independent HR software ranking, you can’t get much more trustworthy than GetApp’s HR industry leaders list. And in their Q1 report for 2018, we were delighted to see People® listed as one of the top 3 HR applications for business.

GetApp ranks HR software based on five unique factors:

  1. Reviews
  2. Integrations
  3. Mobile
  4. Media
  5. Security

Ever since we launched People® in 2013, we’ve worked hard to lead the HR technology industry into the future, through modern software built to help progressive HR professionals make positive impact on their organisation.

So we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the five areas we were assessed in, to share the secret of how we secured our winning position as market leaders.

Reviews: Why 98% of customers would recommend People® to a friend

The first area GetApp looks at when ranking the leading HR software suppliers, is its customer reviews. These are important, because ultimately, the best way to know how good a product is, is to find out how happy the people are who use it.

After analysing 195 customer reviews of People®, GetApp gave us a score of 17. This is based on the fact that 92% of customers rate People® either “Excellent” or “Very Good”. And a massive 98% of customers say they would recommend the software to a friend.

We believe this is thanks to how sincerely we listen to customer concerns, and how hard we work to deliver the features and functionality they need in order to make positive impact on their organisation. There are plenty of people talking about the strength of our customer reviews. You can read full, uncensored customer reviews of People® for yourself, by visiting leading software review websites like SoftwareAdvice.

Integrations: How we’re helping you connect your favourite business applications

We recognise that there are thousands of excellent software systems you can use to help drive your business forward. HR software is an important ingredient, but it’s not likely the only technology you’re using. For this reason, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect the different business systems you love, with People®.

GetApp gave us a score of 12 for our integrations. Thanks to our sophisticated API, we already have more than 30 excellent integrations you can take advantage of. And we are actively working with many other software suppliers, to build exciting new integrations to help you connect your favourite systems.

To learn more about the integrations already available for People®, visit our integrations page here.

Mobile: Optimised for any browser on any device

We’ve been obsessed with mobile since we launched in 2013. Our software has always been optimised for any browser, on any device – because we know that mobile is the future.

In 2017, our Managing Director Sat Sindhar, made a video with our Product Manager Ranjit Johnson, to outline our mobile strategy going forward. And we hope you’ll be pleased to know that we have a very big, exciting release for mobile, expected to launch in just a few short weeks.

We think that our obsession with aligning People® with a strong mobile strategy is why GetApp gave us a winning score of 15 for mobile functionality.

Media: A big thanks to our thousands of friends on Social Media

You already know by now how much we love to stay in touch with people just like you. It doesn’t matter whether or not you use our HR software. As long as you have a passion for good HR, excellent people management, and building an exciting future for your workforce, then chances are we have bumped into each other many times on social media.

If you’re not already connected with us, we’d love to see you show your face. We’re always up for a conversation about HR or technology, over on:

We also run various HR think tanks and discussion groups on social media, including People Talk over on Facebook, and HR & GDPR over on LinkedIn.

Either way, if it wasn’t for all our friends and connections, we’re certain GetApp wouldn’t have given us a massive score of 17 for our social media presence.

We also have many other security initiatives, which you can learn about here.

We’re so proud to be given a score of 17 from GetApp for our security processes.

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