Is Recruitment Software Encouraging Fraudulent Applications?

Some reports state that online job applications are prone to fabrication. See how you can use recruitment software without worrying about candidate integrity.

November 10, 2016
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Three Reasons to Upgrade Your HR System

Stuck with an outdated HR system? Three features you should have – if not, you need to upgrade

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The Essential Guide to HR Software Terminology

How many of these HR software terms do you understand? Answer honestly (and don’t read the answers first!)

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Is HR Becoming Part of the “Planet of the Apps”?

The HR software market is shifting into an era of app-based technology. Are you with the times, or are you being left behind?

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Introducing ‘The Buyer’s Guide to HR Software’

Have you seen our buyer’s guide to HR software yet? Essential reading if you’re fairly new to it all.

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How Many Predictions did ‘Back to the Future II’ Get Right?

Today is the day Doc and Marty time-travelled to in the popular movie ‘Back to the Future II’, How many predictions did this 1980s film get right?

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5 ‘Super Powers’ Your HR System Should Have

HR software might not be good at wearing tights and a cape, but it can definitely save your day – here are 5 super powers your HR system should have.

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